Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jogging in Hyde Park for Paul

Mrs. Delphine Botbol (on the left in the picture above), Paul's science teacher, organized an 8km jogging in Hyde Park for Paul.

Many students from Paul's class who were eager to do something for Paul, as well as Mrs. Botbol's other class students, participated in the run, wearing T-shirts with Paul's name.

A few teachers were also present: Mr. Tagarist (maths), Mr. Cadeddu (physics and chemistry), Mrs. Rotureau (sports), and of course Mrs. de Beaufort (who was going back and forth from the ice cream event that she helped organize with Clara, and Hyde Park to support her fellow joggers).

Paul loved the pictures.

Some did it on a bicycle..

Mr. Tagarist (in yellow short in the picture below) who left last (with Geneviève de Beaufort on his shoulders) arrived second (the first is a student who is very worried to fail his maths year next year...).

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  1. Wonderful Event!!!

    Paul deserves all this and more.

    Nice day for you all.