Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chemo delayed

Paul's white blood cells and platelets remain too low to resume chemo.

We saw Maria today at UCH who postponed it until next Monday... and Paul happily organized his afternoon at his cousins' and reappeared late this evening to say he's sleeping there.

This time, his blood marrow got very depressed by chemo but this is normal as we're heading towards end of treatment. Only 10 weeks to go (assuming no more delays)!

The lost weight didn't escape to Maria.. and the nasal tube is planned for tomorrow. Paul is not unhappy about it as he will feel stronger and, most importantly, he won't have to take the unpleasant phosphate tablets anymore.

Yesterday we also saw his surgeon, Mr. Skinner, who told him to remove the splint, and gave him instead an air-cushioned boot, the one David Beckham was wearing if you happen to be a football (soccer) fan.

Both doctors expect quick improvement right after chemo is over. Paul is now very tired from an accumulation of five months of high dose poison in his body. In addition, his bones are weak and his foot is micro-fractured. So conditions are not present to improve his walking now.

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  1. Hopefully no more delays so that Paul can get back to his normal life.