Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From C&W to Stanmore Hospital

Paul is getting a little used to his NG feeding tube but was still hoping he would encounter a good soul today to remove it for him.

His morale post-tube only improved when Mrs de Beaufort visited (for a graded dictation though).

Then the psychologist Anne-marie (in the picture above) had a chat with him.

Paul has no fever but his leg and lymph nodes are hurting despite pain killers. His white blood counts dropped again.

His oncologist and his surgeon, organized to have him transferred today from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital to Stanmore Hospital (where Paul had his surgery) to investigate the potential cause of the swelling of his lymph nodes.

Chemo will be postponed until this is assessed and managed in Stanmore.

1 comment:

  1. Paul ( Habibi),

    I am sure things will get better soon. Your strong will can never be beaten.

    I cant wait until I start back with you the Lebanses lessons and enjoy listening to your lovely thoughts.

    Do you still remember that once we had a sort of bet who will be more succesful in the future. You or me?

    I am still waiting for this challange.

    Although, the hope of me winning is getting less. Do you know why ? Truly and beyond any doubt I believe in every little thing in your personality.

    Sooo proud of you.