Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to Chelsea Westminster Hospital

Last minute change of program this morning: As we were ready to go to see Mr.Skinner, Paul had a 39 degree fever at 8am, so instead we rushed to Chelsea Westminster.

There we were served with the usual cocktail of wide range antibiotics. Given both his swollen lymph node at the groin (indicating an inflammation or infection) and the prosthesis (which love bacteria), we have no choice but to be very aggressive with antibiotics.

The good news of the day is that his bone marrow is back in action, with platelets and white blood counts back up to decent levels.

Paul was in such a good mood this morning that he did a science exam in hospital.

The doctor discovered a second lymph node behind his affected knee (popliteal) and he sent him to do an ultrasound.

Paul was very cooperative with the nurse who put him the nasal gastric tube in, and the experience turned out smooth and quick. But he quickly hated the feeling of it and asked to have it removed. The medical staff convinced him he would get used to it after a day or so (like for the picc line).

Paul will have his first food intake through the tube overnight.

A long day for both of us.

Meanwhile at home, Robert was kind enough to visit Clara and help her out in reviewing her maths for her exam tomorrow.

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  1. Great news that his bone marrow is back in action. And as usual, I can not help not to express my admiration of Paul for taking a science exam in the hospital and for many other things.

    Paul has a unique positive personality. This is something I believed in since I first met him as a little child to do Lebanese classes with me.

    I am proud of you Paul and will always be so.

    Love to all of you.