Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paul, in the picture above, is not with his latest chemo companion (aren't they as bald..?), but with Philippe's cousin, Michel, who visited by surprise from Paris.

Paul is sleeping quite a lot, given a few days of chemo.

In the evenings, he enjoys watching movies. His cousins Robert and Marc downloaded many of them on his computer at UCH.


  1. Bonjour mon "grand" Paul et ma "belle" Clara,

    Paul,j'espere que tu te souviens un peu de moi,(sinon c'est pas grave ;-))
    c'est Najoua, je gardais Charles,Celine et Christelle,
    j'etais aussi au liban et je jouais souvent avec vous (toi et Clara)
    Je garde de trés bons souvenirs, et combien vous me faisiez rire Charles,Mathieu et toi lorsque vous faisiez des combats avec des épées imaginaires...L'année derniere lorsque vous êtes arrivés au Liban moi je repartais,on ne s'est pas vu... mince! peut être la prochaine fois ;-)
    Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage pour cette étape de ta vie,mais je sais que tu es trés fort et que tu n'en resortiras que plus fort.J'ai regardé toutes les photos postés en ligne et je vois que vous êtes toujours en bonne compagnie,ça c'est cool!!!!
    Embrasses toute ta famille de ma part et surtout la belle Clara...
    Si vous avez un moment pour m'écrire ou si vous souhaitez quelque chose de paris,n'hésitez pas à me demander quoique ce soit,je vous laisse mon adresse email: et si vous êtes sur facebook ça serait sympa si vous m'invitez:najoua chekroun.
    je vous dis à trés bientôt,
    Gros bisous

  2. Hello Paul,

    Passing from 5ième to 4ième while in bed - whoooo! That's simply terrific, congratulations! I wonder how you achieve such fine results - you should have shown me how to go about this when I was a youngster of your age!

    At school in Beirut I detested most of all learning poems by heart. In second came French grammar, in third place athletics. Aside from tennis I hated everything else, from swimming to football to volleyball and most of all rope climbing. In this I barely got off the ground, imagine.

    Up to today I am still not ashamed about such deficiencies, but I readily admit I would have given a lot if I could have had some of your talents when I was at your age.

    We all enjoy keeping trace of your being through that great blog of yours. When I saw the picture of you an Michel and with your mother's remark about 2 bald heads I could have well added a third to the round.The only difference being that my hair will not ever get back to what it had been, but yours will.

    So please say hello to your mother, and all best wishes to you,

    Peter and Karin

  3. Hi Paul,

    My name is Solene and my brother's name is Tristan. My mother works at the same place than yours. It took a long time for my mother to find the way to connect ourselves to your blog but I think we have now! Paul, I 've been following your blog for quite some time. I am ten. I am not yet in the French Lycee but will be next year. I can see in the blog that you have great classmates and it is a bit reassuring for me because I come from a small English school where people are very friendly and helpful to each other. My brother is like you a tennis fanatic (sorry it looks like you are one). I am so impressed by the way you have connected to so many persons.I just wished to say hello to you. Love from Solene