Sunday, June 7, 2009

This pesky lymph node again ...

Paul has been suffering from a strong pain at his swollen lymph node and leg over the weekend.

Pain killers are helping but we're looking forward to see his surgeon, Mr.Skinner, tomorrow morning.

Mr.Skinner will likely remove the lymph node on Tuesday in Stanmore, assuming blood counts are back up.

Chemo is again delayed (Wednesday?), the lymph node winning in terms of priorities.

Yesterday Paul spent the afternoon at his cousins' and played at the Xbox, guided by Marc who is also reviewing for his Baccalaureat exams. But Marc is a brilliant multitasker so ...

Today we watched the Roland Garros final with Domenico, Stefania, Bianca and Federica, while Paul preferred to stay in bed.

He is tired and sleeping often. He has now been under antibiotics for about a month (mandatory as he had several bouts of low grade fever in times of low immunity).

He is making good efforts to swallow some proteins in order to avoid spending additional nights at hospital just for food intake (through the nasal gastric tube due as soon as we return to UCH for chemo) but he feels full very quickly.

A busy week next week.

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