Friday, June 5, 2009

Federer and Red Meat

We went to UCH yesterday in order to have the nasal gastric tube put in. But as they asked us to sleep over in order for me to learn how to operate the pump, Paul preferred to postpone it till next Monday when we'll have to stay anyway for chemo. We do our best to minimize hospital sleepovers since we're there most of the time these days.

So focus back on eating yesterday and today. I still don't believe I just managed to make Paul swallow 250g of filet while watching Federer win a great semi-final. Thank you Federer and no the title of this post was not meant to suggest that he made minced meat of Del Potro which he did anyway in the end: Some filet!

Paul had a maths tutorship today and another very good grade on his maths exam.

Despite being very tired, he remains interested in his school work.

Paul's lymph node located at the groin of his affected leg was again painful over the last two days. Despite being under antibiotics for about three weeks, the lymph node is not going away, which made Maria decide to have it removed as soon as Paul's blood counts permit (still low). Mr.Skinner will do the procedure so we'll be returning to Stanmore soon.

Otherwise T├ęta and Jeddo are spending the days with Paul while I am at work. Isabelle was also of great help for a few days.

Clara is doing very well.

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