Friday, June 26, 2009

Clara's ice cream sale was a great success !

Clara organized an ice cream sale at Oddono's, near the Lycée, to raise funding for Cancer Research.

Over the last few days, she was busy organizing the event with Mrs. de Beaufort and Mrs. Zbairi, preparing and posting the leaflets across the school, and discussing with Christian, Oddono's kind owner (in blue T-shirt in the picture above).

Many students from the Lycée came, as well as friends of ours, and there were often long queues.

Christian told us sales reached a few thousand pounds!
Christian went to another charity later in the evening; some people knew about Clara's event and contributed further.

Paul enjoyed seeing the pictures this morning and is convinced they will all end up with indigestion... given many kids had a one-off go-ahead from their parents to have up to six gigantic scoops.

Another event for Paul took place also yesterday, which I will write about tomorrow.

Paul had an upset stomach lately but feels better today.


  1. Miam miam, on contribuera a notre arrivee.
    Bisous a tous et a bientot,

  2. Many congratulations Clara - there were queues stretching down the street when I went!

    Esther x

  3. This was a huge success and nice to see such support for Paul from his friends. I hope they did not get indigestion from 6 scoups!