Wednesday, June 10, 2009

At Stanmore

We got transferred yesterday late afternoon in an ambulance from Chelsea & Westminster hospital to Stanmore hospital.

The surgeon, Mr.Skinner, reassured us upon arrival as he believes the titanium prosthesis is not infected (if it is, the prosthesis has to be removed to resume chemo with no more delays).

Paul is fine with no temperature, but the swollen lymph node at the groin and the thigh are painful although controlled with pain killers. He is very patient, played a game on my blackberry (he is working on challenging Jimmy who's beaten records..), played online on computer games, read.. then fell asleep from so much work.

Later he had an ultrasound of the upper body and leg which did not reveal any visible infection.

He was operated on at 4:30pm, the groin lymph node was removed and some liquid around the knee was aspirated.

One hour later, Mr. Skinner appeared in my bedroom to reassure me: Paul is fine and the lymph node was easy to remove and looked like an ordinary lymph node (biopsy results in the next few days).

His post-surgery pain is controlled with morphine.

Anne-Marie, my nephrologist sister, is taking over for the night. Paul is in good hands.


  1. I am so glad to read that the lymph node looks to be normal and that Paul is comfortable. As, I am a part of the Osteosarcoma Listserve I have many friends with Osteosarcoma and was rather worried.
    I will continue to pray all will remain well with this discomfort that Paul has been feeling clearing up.

    Sue-Kelly's mom
    Milwaukee, WI

  2. Hmm, I just sent a post but don't see it. Hopefully, this will not be a duplicate.
    I am so relieved to see the doc describe the lymph node as normal!
    I belong to the Osteosarcoma Listserve through ACOR and have many friend's who have or their kids have Osteosarcoma. I was holding my breath and saying many prayers for Paul. Now for him to no longer have any discomfort, to finish up chemo, start eating and remain disease free! I have learned to cherish all the time I can have to spend with my soon to be 17 y.o. daughter. So many times, I now stay home thinking we can be together but to find she is going out with friends. However, when she comes home I have the opportunity to be there and listen about her time with her friends.
    Hopefully, Paul will soon be done with this and back with friends. Cherish the time you have with him. Kids grow and fly the nest so fast that as a parent we don't know were that time went.

    Sue, Kelly's mom
    Milwaukee, WI

  3. I sure feel for Paul ... not an easy journey.