Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paul's blood counts are starting to increase finally today. Also his fever has settled down. Recipe for ..home soon?

Paul is doing his physio exercices with lots of discipline and willingness.

He had a few visits over the last few days: Michel from Paris, Esther, his aunt Marie from California, Mrs. de Beaufort, Joe, his physio Laura who brought him a T-shirt from Wimbledon.

His cousins Léana and Alexandra arrived from Hamburg yesterday to spend a whole week with us. They all watched a movie today and played computer games.

Léana and Alex's grand-mother Agnès arrived from Paris today and the house is full and cheerful.

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  1. Morning for you all,

    Great news! Sooo happy for sweat Paul.

    Always for the best.

    Looking forward to see Clara tomorrow on the last day of the Saturday school.