Monday, January 5, 2009

School today

Important things first. Yesterday we celebrated Epiphany with new Londoners Jeddo and Téta who purchased a mediocre king cake from Valérie (just say NO to Valérie) and Paul won the trinket.

Today he went to school for two hours of maths. Everything went ok. Great supportive staff and friends at school. He was doing his homework when we came to pick him up.

In the afternoon, his friend Alexandre came to play with him at the Wii which Francis brought him as a present.

PS: Sorry for the multiple posts; still clumsy with this thing.


  1. Hi Paul,

    we wish you all the best for your treatment and hope to see you in summer again in Muellheim with Katrin and Peter!

    Best regards,

    Michael, Claudia and Katrin Eyd

  2. je pense fort a vous tous.
    much love,
    sophie tabet.