Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paul felt much better since Saturday mid-day. After having lunch at his aunt's (lasagne with ketchup in lieu of tomato sauce: No comment), he had more visits in the afternoon: Oumaya and Maan, then Kara and her daughters, Isabella and Sofia, carrying a box full of excellent cakes.

On Sunday am, his teacher brought him a French exam which he finished in bed. Then Jeddo and téta came before lunch with Téta intending to prepare the Molokhieh (an infusion of a spinach-like herb from Egypt with rice, chicken and meat). But Paul decided he really preferred crispy duck from the nearby Chinese restaurant and Téta didn't really appreciate. But Paul's taste is changing (this is expected due to chemo) and given his propensity for nausea, we don't argue with what he feels like eating.

Then we went for a walk in the park. For those who don't know why Paul is on crutches (and a world champion at that), it is because his bad leg must not bear weight and he must be very careful not to hurt it.

Later, his classmate Lily Lou came and Francis and his family joined a bit later hands full with ice cream and everybody played at the Wii. Bad news: Francis defeated Paul at tennis.

Last but not least, Michel visited a couple of hours before rushing to the airport, bringing with him salmon and Marabou milk chocolate from his latest trip to Sweden. The best salmon and the best milk chocolate for those who don't know.

At 8pm, we went back to the hospital for Week 3 of chemo. Paul should be out on Thursday. Tonight his aunt Corinne is sleeping with him. At the hospital he immediately went to floor 12 (adolescent ward) in order to play a game of snooker.

Tomorrow: meeting on surgery in Stanmore. Again, surgery is where many questions remain ...

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