Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to hospital

Paul and Mum went back to hospital on Sunday evening to prepare for the Methotrexate injection which was done Monday.

We must mention a morning visit from a masseuse who gave Paul some truly excellent time. Paul then went to play some Wii with his bed neighbour who not so sadly was preparing to leave on the same day, disease-free after three years of treatment against leukaemia.

Later in the day another member of the dream team pushed Paul to attend school (yes, they have a school room) for some maths and English. Paul is well. He will remain in hospital until Thursday.

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  1. Hi Mireille it's Diane Ibrahimchah I'm very glad to read that all is going well with the treatment and you got positive news from NY. Thinking of you and you are in my prayers!