Friday, January 30, 2009

Paul is doing well

Paul has been very well over the last two days. His ulcers are almost gone.

Yesterday he woke up at 8am and jumped from his bed saying he wanted to go to school for the French class. Unfortunately (but fortunately for his classmates), his teacher did not come. He had a private science lesson at home in the afternoon. Then Yvan visited him.

Today, after another 11h night of sleep, same dynamic wake-up with a great envy to go to school. But this time, matters were more serious as there was a .. bomb alert at the Lycee. Kids spent the 1st hour outside school then Paul called Mum to take him home.

Paul's classmates are now convinced that whenever Paul comes, school is somehow compromised. So his friend Ediz kneeled in front of him saying Paul is a god who should show up everyday at school... Tonight Alexandre visited Paul to undertake an advanced Wii battle and stay for dinner.

Chemo will resume on Monday but for now Paul doesn't want to hear about it.

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