Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another day away from the hospital

Paul's blood tests were not good enough for a resumption of chemo today. He'll have another go at it on Friday.

He went to school for one hour and his school friends gave him a hero's welcome. He obviously came back in excellent spirits but was a bit tired due to a short night yesterday. As usual, later in the day, the reliable Ediz, truly Herm├Ęs of the class, brought him his schoolwork. We cannot stress enough how helpful, caring, loving, Paul's extended environment is proving day after day.

Also, his dad and especially his "Swiss" grandmother arrived today. The house is filling up and Paul loves every bit of it.

One more thing: Paul had an excellent grade on his French exam taken in bed a few days ago.


  1. Les grands-parents. les tantes, les cousins, les copains, est-ce que tu savais combien tout le monde t'aime et pense a toi? appuie-toi sur tout cet amour et les quelques mois qui viennent passeront tres vite. Nous sommes tous tes rochers qui toujours te protegerons.
    On a tous hate de te voir et de jouer avec toi cet ete,
    Marie, Peter, et John

  2. Hi Paul,

    So happy to hear that you have done well in your French Exam. A bit jealous now as I want your Lebanese to progress as well. Just Kidding!!! Love you a lot and looking forward to be able to see you this Saturday with Mariam, your Saturday teacher. She misses you a lot. Loooove you. Ouma