Thursday, January 22, 2009

1st chemo cycle finished

We did not write much since last Sunday as Philippe went back to Beirut after spending a night and a morning internet-free with Paul while Mum was on a biz trip in freezing Casablanca. Paul was taken care of by his aunt Corinne, Esther, as well as T├ęta and Jeddo as usual. Here is Esther's report from her afternoon with him on Tuesday:

"Paul was on good form this afternoon - although quite nauseous and I didn't do too well on the food front - he didn't fancy the crispy duck, but he did have the chocolate milkshake, some quavers and quite a lot of popcorn ... not the most nutrious diet, but better than nothing. He did well swallowing all his tablets and had a bath with Anne-Marie just before she left. Then we played connect 4, cards and battleships - plus watched his neighbour's playstation game. He was laughing and joking (in between holding onto his sick bowl which he never actually needed ...) and I left him in the capable hands of Jean-Paul. I meant to take a photo on my phone but I forgot - next time."

Today Paul graduated from his 1st series of chemo: 1 week of Cisplatin and Doxorubicin, 2 weeks of rest at home, then 2 weeks of Methotrexate. When he has chemo, he goes to hospital from Sunday pm or Monday am to Thursday pm. Today, upon leaving the hospital, he insisted on visiting Mum's office. He is really doing quite well. Fingers crossed.

Methotrexate has given him a slight sore mouth and throat (with ulcers), but he's still eating relatively well and a daily in-hospital popcorn binge tends to make up for missed calories.

We finally decided to confirm the surgery in Stanmore in early March. A prosthesis indeed seems the safer option.

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