Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back home tonight

Dominique slept 3h only .. and refused to be photographed (sorry I know I promised).

Paul was still tired with no appetite today. It did not discourage him from playing at the Wii with John who also has an osteosarcoma in the knee and is 2 weeks ahead in the treatment.

At 5pm the Methotrexate (MTX) level finally came down in Paul's blood (after 3 days of hydration + folinic acid vs 4h only of MTX injection on Monday) and he was finally discharged.

At home we had a surprise visit from Zeina and Jimmy who brought nice gifts and delicious cakes. Not less importantly, Clara managed to get hold of Jimmy for 10mns to help her finish her homework instead of mobilizing mum.

Finally, tonight, Paul had a good dinner.

View of the ward at sleep

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  1. Hi Sweet Paul, I follow your news day by day. I feel so happy when I see new photos of you. You are so special and I can not wait till I see you tomorrow, saturday 17th. Love you a lot. Ouma