Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back from NY

Mireille and Philippe arrived from NY this morning. Dr.Meyers and Dr.Morris (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY) are confident Paul will be fine. We also have new answers on chemo and new questions on surgery. We'll soon be discussing them with the British team.

On MTP: not available right now except on a compassionate basis for relapsing patients. Likely to be available in Europe sooner than in the US. Fingers crossed.

Paul has a light cold but is otherwise fine despite being neutropenic (white cells low). As his hair is now ready to fall, the hairdresser will be coming tomorrow for a preemptive strike.

Tomorrow evening, if his blood count is acceptably high, we should check-in at hospital for four days as he will be starting methotrexate.

His aunt Dominique and Jean-Paul arrived from Beirut with lots of goodies. Home was full today and when Dominique left in late afternoon, he asked her back for dinner.

Jos├ęphine is actively learning industrial cooking but there is now an increasingly compelling case for hiring a caterer.

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