Friday, January 2, 2009

Paul loves crowds

And it's a good thing because family and friends will be visiting all the time. Today it was Jeddo and Téta's (Philippe's parents) turn, who brought with them delicious fish kibbi.

Before them, came Ms.Fitzgerald, the Children's Community Nurse from the local hospital. She came mostly to take a blood sample which turned out OK. Things should be less stellar next week.

In the afternoon he went to the cinema with Suzy and Clara. They watched "Yes Man" and seem to have enjoyed it even though they had intended to see another film.

Paul is now extremely confident (and prudent) on his crutches and we are becoming a little less nervous about letting him go up and down the some 60-step stairs, with someone in front of him, lest he loses his equilibrium. Still, when Pat does the driving, he insists on doing the carrying too, lifting confidently Paul's 36 kg from the car to his bed. That's what you call full service.

Photo of the day: Pure bliss

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