Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet home

Paul arrived home yesterday at 10pm.

This week has probably been the most difficult since the beginning of the treatment in December. He suffered from a combination of strong pain in his ex-bad leg and nausea from chemotherapy. At the same time, he is required to do his physio exercises to avoid having additional pains from stiffness in the leg, which he had no energy for. Morale took a hit as his walking did not improve.

Today the community nurse came home to give him his last dose of antibiotics, and removed the cannula from his hand. What a joy with nothing hooked in his body now that the piccline is also out for two weeks!

He was still nauseous in the morning. It improved in the afternoon and he asked to go out for a walk (on his wheelchair), along with Clara.

No physio today as morale was a more pressing concern.

We're seeing the surgeon on Monday in order to check the pain in the ankle.

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