Monday, April 13, 2009

Meanwhile Clara in Prague ...

Clara is having a good time with her cousins Léana and Alexandra visiting Prague with the tour guides Corinne and Sylvain. She'll be back tomorrow evening.

Paul has no fever since yesterday but has to remain in hospital, isolated in a cubicle, as long as his white blood counts are at zero (again today).

Since he is vulnerable to infection, he hasn't been able to see his cousins Andrea and Pierre yet who arrived from Beirut two days ago, both with a low fever.

Dad spent most of the last four days with Paul.

Paul had a few visits though: Daniele and Farid, Nanou, Elena, Zeina and Jamil, Esther and Michel.

He had a physio session today with Laura. It is difficult to work properly under antibiotics and with low blood counts but results were good nonetheless. Paul is truly making progress.

Also, he did his French and History homeworks.

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  1. Hi Sweet Paul and all,

    Happy Easter!

    I have not written to you, Paul for quite long. However, I follow your news all the time. I feel happy when I see your photos and hear that you are doing well. You look charming with the Easter Egg.

    Clara, Hope you had a lovely time in Prague. I miss you as much as I miss Pual. Hope we will meet soon.

    Love to all of you.