Thursday, April 2, 2009


Paul is going home tonight after a few difficult days with recurrent nausea more or less controlled by anti nausea drugs that sent him napping regularly. Also, he had his sore ankle x-rayed today. There was nothing abnormal on the image. The hypothesis is that a few months of rest weakened the bones of his left leg. So he is starting on a regimen of phosphate to help them regain strength.

The indomitable Mme de Beaufort managed to give him a French class and Suzy made sure he spent his time as peacefully and studiously as possible, chasing (human) sources of noise when he wanted to nap, making sure he followed his routine of exercises, and also attending to his more basic (and often pressing) needs.

His piccline will be removed tomorrow and he will spend two weeks without one.

He is absolutely excited to be going home!

1 comment:

  1. Paul, the sweetest ever,

    Reading that you are excited to be going home shines my day.

    Enjoy your peaceful time there.

    Mireille, I will leave it to you to tell me when it is good to see him. I know not soon, as he needs his space.