Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rest at home

Paul is feeling much better with almost no nausea and his leg pain under control.

We were relieved after we saw the surgeon, Mr.Skinner, yesterday, as he was very pleased with Paul's progress. The pain in the ankle probably comes from a stressed nerve which should disappear with physiotherapy.

The leg is expected to hurt for 2 months after surgery.

Paul is expected to walk with crutches for 3 to 6 months.

Agenda for the week: calm and rest at home and as often as possible, torture galore ... of the leg and of the mind: Paul is also a schoolchild. Remember?

On a more medical note, we are currently exploring whether we can start Paul on immunotherapy, just to increase his odds of staying disease-free after the end of chemo in July. This would involve injections of L-MTP-PE (or MEPACT) which should help Paul's macrophage cells eliminate any microscopic mets.

One more thing: Don't forget Mattie, Kelly, and others, whether present on the web or not: Nicholas and Jon (Paul's friends from the ward), Paula (in St Jude, Beirut; surgery on Good Friday), all the kids who one day started hurting and are since putting in the fight of their life ...


  1. SOOOO pleased with the good news!

    Very soon everthing will be back on the usual track.

    Paul, I am preparing myself to have the privilege again and restart Arabic Language classes with you. Hmmm, we will achieve the most and catch up with the rest.

    With my warmest hugs!


  2. Ouma, I allowed this comment but I am not sure it encourages Paul to get on his feet (humour)