Sunday, April 26, 2009

Barbecue in the square

Paul had a good night of sleep and is doing mostly very well save for the occasional sickness and his ankle which insists on hurting when he puts some weight on it.

He did a maths exam in the morning, then Corinne left in early afternoon.

Around 3pm, as the weather was quite warm, we went for a walk as Philippe was rushing to catch his train and we started by having an ice cream.

Then we joined Francis, Rima, Yasmine and Rayan in their square garden where we improvised a barbecue ... on a disposable barbecue. I didn't know these things existed.

Mr. de Beaufort came early in the evening bearing a gift from his wife in the form of an exam which Paul took immediately.

Once done, both ended up at the Wii.

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