Monday, April 27, 2009

Paul made a short attempt at school today but had to come back home to rest.

After a nap and light lunch, we had an appointment with Mr. Skinner, the surgeon, who was very pleased with the wound's healing, as well as the leg Xray. He removed the bandage completely and suggested Paul should start the physio exercises in a swimming pool to get used to walking on the leg.

This could seem minor but it is really a significant detail in his daily life: he can now spend a long time in the bath as his wound is fully healed.

Paul will have a foot MRI scan tomorrow to make sure all is fine as he's been complaining about not being able to bear weight. Until today that is as he told Philippe. When Philippe reacted "but this is a miracle", he answered "oh we've been so unlucky that it's ok to have a miracle once in a while."

Suzy arrived from Beirut for a two-week stay with us.

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  1. Morning Paul,

    I gave you a space with my comments, but this does not mean I do not check your website daily.

    All your news is encourging and I am still proud of you as much as before.

    May I say Hi to Clara and tell her I am looking forward to see her this coming Saturday.

    Nice day for the whole family with warm hugs to you Paul.