Thursday, April 23, 2009

Corinne spent the whole day with Paul in hospital.

And it was a long one as it started very early: The newcomer's father from Bangladesh did his 5am prayer 2 meters away from Paul's bed, a bit noisily, but hopefully his prayers will have been heard and everybody around him will benefit (the halo effect). Obviously, there is nothing prayer-like in Philippe's snoring and since it doesn't wait until 5am to wake up everybody, on balance the Bangladeshi father is probably a better deal for the ward.

Corinne made Paul review his history lesson on the Middle Ages in preparation of an upcoming exam this weekend (with Mme de Beaufort whose gentle but demanding style is absolutely ideal for Paul right now). But Paul managed to quickly divert Corinne to the playroom to play a game of Wii Football in which he beat her 13 to zero.

Clara visited Paul then left for her tennis lesson.

There was a party in the ward for Henry's last day of treatment.

In the afternoon, Paul and John went through their common routine: Day school then playroom, then Nintendo DS.

This morning I had a long meeting with Maria, Paul's oncologist. Maria is very pleased with Paul's progress so far.

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