Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We finally made it to the hospital

Finally the hospital called to tell us to come for chemo cycle 2 (out of 6) ... the one that wouldn't start.

Each cycle is 5 weeks, out of which Paul spends 3 in hospital (from Sunday pm or monday am to Thursday pm). There are 6 cycles in total, normally ending in August. At the end of cycle 2 (probably mid-March), Paul will undergo a limb-salvage surgery.

Paul is feeling very well. The day started with a snowball battle with Pat and Jean-Paul. At the hospital, while he was waiting for blood results (mandatory to start chemo as blood counts should be above certain thresholds), he was taken to the playroom where he did some pottery. Later he had a French tutorship.

Then grandma played cards with him for the rest of the afternoon.

Finally the doc measured the perimeter of his leg at the level of the tumour and noted it was half a centimeter shorter than at the beginning of chemo, which probably suggests the tumour is shrinking.

Paul will stay at the hospital till Saturday morning.

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