Monday, February 16, 2009

A Full School Schedule

As school break means teachers are free, yesterday was a full school day ... at home for Paul.

Once he finished his science test, Mrs de Beaufort came to give him a geography test. In between the 2nd test and a physics class, he had 20mns to swallow a "Boeuf Strogonoff" soaked in red wine upon his special request.

In the afternoon, the community nurse came to inject him some drugs that increase his blood cells (it is standard treatment for cancer patients in order to minimize infection risk and chemo delays). It is given during ten days. Really great service from the NHS as nurses and other care professionals come home to limit patients' travels to the hospital.

Then Paul took a one hour nap to prepare for dinner at the restaurant with Rima, Nabil and Fabiola (again he prudently swallowed an antinausea pill before going...).

Today will be more quiet: Reading, studying, relaxing. Oh and that Wii ...

For dinner, the Diabs, the Habibs and Paul will be celebrating Kathleen's birthday.

Dominique and Kathleen are staying at home for the next three days to replace mum who is going on a business trip. Next post will be on Saturday

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  1. Hi Mireille,

    This time my message is for you to say big thank you for keeping all those who care about Paul and his news updated.

    Wonderful news for both of you.

    He looks great and radiant. So encouraging! My love to both of you and of course to Sweet Clara. Pass my love to her!

    Looking forward to have you back in London.