Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday: 2nd day at hospital

Paul had a good night of sleep as the ward is almost empty (which didn't help Dominique to sleep though..I did however bring the home linen).

The 4h Methotrexate chemo only started late in the afternoon as Paul needed to be hydrated first.

Meanwhile he had a private tutorship, then 30mns fun physio exercises with Louise. She promised to take him tomorrow to the gym studio within the hospital for more sports games.

Then he had the day school with Marya.

Jeddo and T├ęta came, replacing mum who went to work.

Clara came to visit Paul as well.

Paul was nauseous in the evening but a movie helped to forget.

He'll spend the night in shameful luxury, in an individual room as there were only two kids in the ward, Paul and his neighbour whose parents brought her food from the nearby Burger King. The sheer smell made Paul nauseous and mum had to spray some "good" odor ... which in turn made the neighbour sick. There was only one solution left: To open a single room for each one of them!

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