Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday 23 Feb

Paul was a bit nauseous today (anticipation for the hospital tomorrow?). He had no appetite (ate too much lately?).

The working team (Dominique, mum, Clara, Nathalie and Daniele) toured at Harrods Food to bring a large variety of ready meals (his taste changes everyday and it is perfectly unpredictable). No success.

He emerged only late in the afternoon, just in time for the visits: Jamil, Michel and Anna; then Dolly, Gino and Carla.

Michel then took him and Corinne for a movie on his big screen at home.

Otherwise Paul is making do with a midget ping pong table that Suzy brought him in order to somewhat alleviate the frustration of not being able to enjoy the real ping pong table which he got as a Christmas present and which awaits him at home in Beirut. He played often with Clara and Corinne and challenges anyone to beat his record of 22 continuous exchanges.

Tomorrow (Monday) we’re going midday to hospital for chemo starting Tuesday.

We should be back home on Friday.

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  1. Morning Mireille,

    Welcome back and thank you for your continual update. He looks as usual great and clara looks wonderful in her red top.

    So pleased that he is surrounded with many caring people.

    I will follow his news. I am planning to visit him at hospital on thursday afternoon. Will it be Ok? Let me know please.

    I think of you and him all the time.