Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Age: chemo 2 delayed again

Ice Age in the UK: we woke up today thinking we were in a ski resort. Snow was all over. The hospital called to tell us to stay at home because nurses and doctors were unable to come to work. Despite all my offers to help them so Paul could resume chemo today (such as providing transportation of nurses from home to and from hospital and chemo medicines from the pharmacy), the NHS ward was under crisis management.

Well, at least Paul was happy to remain one extra day at home. Clara too as school was closed as well.

The hospital will call us tomorrow morning to let us know if we can go.

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  1. Paul the sweetiest ever,

    I love following your news day by day. Seeing your lovely photos- smiling , playing and eating nice food. The best part is your school news. I am not surprised about your popularity and your maturity in terms of education. Love you a lot. Petra, Paula, Najwa, Mariam and most of the Saturday School children send you their love.