Sunday, May 10, 2009

Paul is well and was in no need for any pain killer nor anti-sickness medication for the whole weekend.

He studied this morning, then put the last touches on the Hansel and Graetel house with Maminou and Clara.

Laura, the physio, made Paul bear weight on his leg today without splint support at the knee level. The splint is normally set to prevent the knee from bending when Paul is walking. As the quadriceps is weak, the knee may not have withheld the pressure and Paul was in danger of falling. This is a real improvement!

Philippe left midday to Beirut and we went out for lunch. Esther joined us there.

Paul had a good appetite despite persisting but diminishing ulcers.

In the afternoon, Mrs de Beaufort and her family came to see the famous Hansel and Graetel house.

Then we all tried the newly acquired Wii-fit (we all failed miserably in skiing).

Afterwards Paul and Clara had a piano lesson.


  1. The house is amazing!

  2. Paul,,, the king.

    Sooo pleased with all the great news and photos. Well done for you and for Clara.

    I missed a lot on your news the last four days. I was totally immersed with Petra's school course work and exams.

    She and Maen pass their love to you.

    Warm Hugs from me.


  3. Peter and John love the house too. We make one every year but nothing like this one.