Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old boys club

(Paul, Robert, Philippe)

Paul spent last night with his cousin Robert who stayed with us until mid afternoon. This morning, I first brought breakfast to the pair (at 10am they were still sleeping), then I ran an errand at the Lycée before coming back one hour later. They were eating the stuff I had brought them earlier and watching a very funny movie, despite this review. Well it was funny in French anyway.

The day's efforts were spent on trying to make him eat and Robert showed some real gifts in this respect:

We managed to make Paul eat quite a bit by nibbling basically all day long.

On the medical front, no fever, counts still nil to very low. Paul is still under antibiotics. Tomorrow's blood results could show some serious improvement and he may be discharged.

More bothersome is his micro fracture on the left foot which may have worsened in an accident yesterday. We still await the results of an X-ray Paul took this afternoon.

Update: The X-ray seems to show a fracture (perhaps not so micro anymore) on the exterior of the foot. If this is confirmed, this will make physio less optimal as there is probably no real way to heal this fracture before end of treatment.


  1. My heart is with you as you travel this Osteosarcoma journey! What a brave and strong young man your Paul is! So sorry he has that fracture in his foot... the chemo seems to make it take so long to heal. But he is strong, and with such a loving and caring group of caring friends and family, he will be back to being the old Paul in no time. My daughter faught this monster also, so I know what you are all going through!
    Pat in Ohio..USA

  2. Paul,

    Just to tell you how much I love you and how much I care.

    Your website is part of my life. I check it every day and sometimes I check it two to three times a day. I like the photo of you and your cousin. It shows a lot of love.
    Love you a lot.