Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cycle 4 of chemo delayed

Dr. Michelagnoli didn't like Paul's ulcers this morning and she postponed the Cisplatin and Doxorubycin chemo until next Monday as it would have made his ulcers worse. Paul was thrilled!

He still manages to eat food, not only liquids, despite the ulcers being localised not only in his mouth, but all along the digestive tube (it was much worse in Cycle 1 when we ended up at Chelsea Westminster hospital as he even got fever from ulcers).

He finally agreed to try Marie's Glutamin and he said he doesn't dislike it. Let's hope it'll work against ulcers.

Paul rested at home in the afternoon.

He showed off his physio exercises to Philippe in Beirut through Skype.

Philippe's comment: Paul, you are IMPRESSIVE from head to toes (on the left foot)!

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