Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chemo Cycle 4 started

Paul was admitted to hospital yesterday to start chemo cycle 4 (out of 6).

On Sunday evening, he felt an inflated ganglion in the upper part of his left leg, so he started antibiotics yesterday (with the titanium prosthesis, we have to be very cautious when we suspect an infection as bacterias go first to the metal where they stick). Needless to say physio is now more difficult.

We slept very well at hospital given we had a private room (due to infection).

After ten hours of deserved sleep, Paul was well this morning.

He did his homework, went to the playroom, then had a private tutorship with Mrs. de Beaufort.

We met the nutritionist to advise us on how to catch up with the slight 5% weight loss given continuous slight nausea. She suggested a list of meals that anyone would dream of (Paul first), in terms of high calories.

Paul had a long nap in the afternoon.

Maminou spent most of the day with him and is doing the night shift.

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