Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to Chelsea Westminster Hospital

Paul had a low fever today, and given his neutrophils are still at zero, we're back at Chelsea Westminster hospital for I.V. antibiotics.

He will be there for at least two nights to check there is no bacterial infection.

Paul remains in relatively good spirits despite the fact he now finds all this too long.

His ulcers improved but he has still little appetite and feels full quickly.

Philippe arrived today from Beirut for a few days.

Paul asked Robert to repeat the night experience with him. I believe they watch movies quite late, for the part that is officially reported to us.

A small incident today: as the very helpful Pat was carrying Paul down the stairs, he slipped and Paul hit his bad foot (already micro-fractured) on the wall. He is complaining it hurts and we might do another Xray tomorrow if the pain pesists. An additional delay for walking..

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