Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tumour out

Paul and mum had a good first night at Stanmore, ahead of surgery.

Paul was very amused to go to the operating theater on his wheel bed, through an outdoor semi-open plexiglass tunnel between wards, in the middle of the countryside.

After surgery, Mr. Skinner reassured us that all went as planned: tumour out, no visible tumour spread in neighbouring tissues and blood vessels, prosthesis in place.

Paul was taken from the operating theater to the High Dependency Unit and smiled when he saw us.

He was mostly asleep. We finally talked to him in early afternoon.

He will remain in the High Dependency Unit until tomorrow midday.


  1. Morning Paul,

    Came to my office at the Embassy rushing to the computer to check on you. Soooooo relieved Habibi that the operation is successful.

    Best news of my day!

    I will come to see you hopefully on Sunday.

    Mireille, Can you tell me when are the visiting times on Sunday and please let me know what he would like to have.

    I will be coming with Maan and very likely one of the teachers at the Saturday school. It is convenient to me in the afternoon.

    Love and warm hugs to both of you.


  2. Hmm, I hope this isn't a repeat comment. I am trying to post how happy I am to read the tumor is out with good margins-no remaining cells.
    I am also happy to read that Paul was able to watch movies already. He has so many family members to support him, that is a blessing for Paul.
    Sue, Kelly's mom