Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Despite a short night for no particular reason, Paul did his physio exercices early this morning. Then Louise, his physiotherapist, held a charity cake sale and Paul swallowed a few.

The results of yesterday's tests will not be known before next week but one of them is just meant to help the surgeon prepare his surgery and the other one to make sure Paul's kidneys are coping well (which they probably are). So we are not really holding our breath on those.

Paul had a French private tutorship with Mrs. de Beaufort then he spent the afternoon with T├ęta and Jeddo.

For the night, he swapped his nanny Josephine (another snorer.. woman this time) for mum. Clara, please please forgive mum for her uneven distribution of time between you and Paul recently ... Things will go back to normal in no time. That's a promise.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Paul,

    Sahtain!! this is lebanese word which means "good health" for the cake you ate.

    I am happy to see you laughing in the 9:42 pm picture with your red sweater. You look gorgeous.

    Love you a lot.