Monday, March 16, 2009

At Stanmore

Suzy arrived from Dubai and is staying 10 days with us, while Josy returned to NY.

Charles made us a surprise visit on his way to a dentist appointment and brought us many DVDs as Paul is staying 10 days at Stanmore.

Also BĂ©atrice came.

Paul chose his car companions for the 1h drive to Stanmore: Suzy, Marie and dad, with Anne-Marie at the steering wheel whose mission was to stick to Pat who was doing the real steering in the front car and who proved more reliable than her GPS.

Surgery is at 8:30am tomorrow and should last 2h (4h with preparation). Afterward, Paul will be taken from Operations to the High Dependency Unit where he'll remain under constant observation until Wednesday morning.

We'll be authorized to visit him in the afternoon, at most in pairs. Anyway he'll be asleep most of the time.

His spirits are good.

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