Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paul finished his 5-day chemo cycle yesterday.

Suzy arrived on Friday for the weekend and is doing all the night shifts.

Paul spends his days watching movies and playing with his playstation and Xbox.

Today we did some maths exercises and he insisted we start next year's program.

Paul sleeps quite a lot otherwise, due to the morphine intakes to control the pain in his bad leg.

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  1. Paul, bien que tu n'aies probablement jamais entendu parler de moi, je dois te dire toute mon admiration pour ton courage: surtout ne baisse jamais les bras! Je prie bien fort pour ton rétablissement, et t'embrasse ainsi que tes parents.
    Joumana Youssévitch, vieille amie de ta maman, petite cousine de ton papa, et surtout, grande admiratrice de ton courage!