Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keaton, Son and Brother, Lover of Reptiles

The fail-proof medicine against osteosarcoma has not been discovered yet but Paul's illness has shown us the power of the worldwide web to enable far-flung and yet truly heartfelt solidarities between the families of osteosarcoma warriors. If only solidarity could cure osteosarcoma ...

During the past year, we have exchanged frequent emails and experiences with many parents of osteosarcoma kids, mostly in the United States, some who are doing well so far (fingers crossed) and some whose role is now to look after us from where they are.

We want to acknowledge the departure this morning of Keaton, a beautiful young man from Arkansas who had every promise of intense love in his heart, he who was fond of cold-blooded creatures so many people do not even attempt to understand.

We share in the tears, for the loss, and for the pain these kids endured. Crocodiles too must be sharing in the tears. Sincerely for once.


  1. Thank you for your call of solidarity and support yesterday, Philippe. It did help to soothe my aching soul. I am sure that in time the numbness I am feeling will be replace by something more savage, but right now, I have the strangest feeling in my body ad mind, that somehow, Keaton is still with me...almost as though some of his soul escaped into mine. Since I had my forehead pressed against his, as his last heartbeats were being spent, and I was telling him that he would never be gone for me, but always a part of me, maybe there was some actual physical process of soul transplanting....wonder if that could be possible? Anyway,at the moment, a steely calm pervades my being, my head feels as though I am wearing a snug fitting cap which restricts blood flow, and there does feel to be a lump somewhere behind it all in the back of my throat. But mostly I feel a bone deep tiredness, as though I would like to curl up with my son, and sleep forever.
    There will always be a bond....I will never forget your Paul, or you, or your lovely family....and forever grateful for your compassion and support.

    Karen and Keaton

  2. Thank you Karen. But more importantly we should thank our sons for so much, so much ...

  3. Mi hija Magdalena nos dejó en julio de 2006, debido a un sarcoma sinovial que empezó en la rodilla. Por un mal diagnóstico y negligencia médica,el cáncer se le fue a todo el cuerpo, llegando a sufrir lo indecible. Lo de ella, bien pudo haberse evitado.
    El tiempo pasa, he perdonado,pese a que no ha habido justicia. Sólo Dios es mi gran consuelo pues sé que ella está junto a Él en el cielo.
    A ustedes, los padres de Paul los admiro. He aprendido a quererlos y a sentirlos como si fueran parte mía.
    Paul debe estar jugando con Magdalena en el lugar de la Eterna Sonrisa.
    Un gran abrazo para ustedes.

  4. Thank you for your kind words. We had a misdiagnosis too, expressed in a run-of-the-mill radiologist report "there isn't this, there isn't that ..." one month and a half before the correct diagnosis. And then we also had unspeakable suffering yet smiles, sense of humor, and kindness until the end.

    Love and peace to you too

    Paul's parents