Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Feghalis ran today!

Here's Marie's account of the run:

Peter who had a sore tummy nevertheless managed to run half the distance before he felt sick (big kudos for him). John decided that he was going to win for Paul and darted in front of the pack (Peter and I were midway, Marc was walking in the back). John followed the orange flags and then took a wrong turn and kept on running. The Golden Gate Park police, mounted police, and runners were sent all over the park to find him. He was found much later, dehydrated and in tears, and reunited with his very teary family. Anyway, the day was otherwise a success. We were happy to be there and Peter and John were given a medal for their fundraising efforts. They were very, very touched to be there.
Thanks for helping them make this day a success. They very proudly announced to the crowd that they raised $1,385.

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