Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fourtieth Day Mass

Fourty days already since the night when Paul's breathing stopped before our eyes and a very moving Mass yesterday for this traditional stage in the mourning process in the Oriental christian tradition. The sermon centered around the testing of Job.

At the short condolences reception afterwards, we were moved to see Teddy, the father of Philippe, an eleven-year old who was crushed by a rock before the eyes of his parents at a wedding reception one week before Paul's death and who is buried a few meters from Paul. In the photo of Paul's resting place below, the flower was placed by Phlippe's mother:


  1. Philippe,
    I join you in your anger and ironic humor, with both the laughter and the tears. I have followed Paul's blog since the beginning of your ordeal, as I fight this osteosarcoma beast with my own son, Keaton, who was diagnosed at 13 years of age in March 2007.Keaton and I are currently in the Philippines, on the other side of the world from our home, as we try a gene therapy called Rexin G, that was only available to us here, the only place in the world we could access this treatment, which seems it maybe our last hope.
    I was so sad to read that the osteo cancer monster took your Paul. This world is so unfair, and sometimes the well meaning people who try to console the ones left behind, can have the opposite affect on the pain and anger of an anguished parent. There is no thing in this world that can be worse than to loose your child.
    And life does go on, even when we don't want it to.
    Karen, Mother of Keaton

  2. Mais.. comment est ce que tu as retrouve le T Shirt????????????????????????????????

  3. Oui..comment as tu fait pour le retouver?? hallucinant ce T shirt!! Isa

  4. Découvert un outil étonnant sur le web et qui s'appelle Google. Génial ce truc.