Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An opinion by David Haas

David bumped into this blog and asked to post his take on cancer. Here it is:

Fight This Together

From the time that a person is born until they die, they are faced with many fears and hardships that one must overcome in order to live a successful life. One of the biggest fears that one might face is being diagnosed with some form of cancer. In years past, cancer was most certainly considered to be a terminal disease but giant strides have been made in this field of medicine.

There are many fine doctors and clinics that are dedicated to the treatment of cancer. While there are many different diagnoses of cancer, the most successful treatment for any type of cancer is when it can be 100% removed from the body by surgery. It is very beneficial to keep one’s frame of mind open to all types of treatment including that of support networks. Cancer can devastate so much of our lives but to hear about others going through the same disease and also to listen to people that have gone through it and have beat it can create an optimistic frame of mind. There are support groups all over the country that can help with many different types of cancers including but not limited to breast cancer, colon cancer, and even rare cancers such as mesothelioma.

From the moment a doctor informs someone that they have cancer, dealing with the news can be difficult for a patient to digest. Having a family member or friend present can be very beneficial due to the immediate support that they can provide to the patient. Support is very important to promote emotional well being from the moment a person is diagnosed, during the treatment procedures that follow, through the entire healing process, or through the final stages of the disease.

While family members and friends can provide exceptional support, outside support can also be very helpful. There are books that are available in bookstores or online to help people afflicted with all types of cancer. A couple of websites that can be helpful are people that survived with diseases like mesothelioma and supportive care for cancer patients.

Dealing with the disease of cancer can be very difficult but keeping a positive outlook can promote healing by releasing endorphins, which occur naturally in the brain and function much like morphine.

The “Big C” is a scary topic but the more a person learns about it and reaches out to others for support, the better one can cope with the diagnosis of cancer. At the same time, they can also encourage others who are facing the same disease. One needs to take the attitude, “Let’s fight this together!”

By: David Haas

Supportive care for cancer patients

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